Three Candles 

Three weeks ago, we lit a candle in front of a statue of Mother Mary holding Baby Jesus, to offer our prayers of thanksgiving and appreciation for the opportunity to visit her Shrine in Lourdes. While in Lourdes, we lit a special prayer candle for our family and friends around the world, and especially for our companion malades. Yesterday we returned to Mount Saviour Monastery to light our third candle of remembrance and thanksgiving for this heartfelt and prayer-filled Lourdes experience.   

Today is the Feast of Pentecost when the love between God the Father and God the Son, descends on the Apostles to help launch His Church. We love Bishop Barron’s faith description that “we are all in the boat together and we are all seasick” with Jesus Christ as our calm and our still point. We thank and praise God for Cathy’s recovery on our departure day to Lourdes and that her MRI this week was ultimately determined to be stable. We are a little seasick, but so happy to be in the boat. We send special thanks to all our fellow boat riders. Your prayers and support have strengthened us with grace and spiritual nutrition.

With love and appreciation, Cathy & Tom 

Next Update: June 2nd: Preparing for Our Return to Africa