June 29, 2024. Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Dr. Cathy Schanzer presented “Unusual Patient Pathology at Southern Eye Clinic” to medical students and faculty of Connaught Medical School in Freetown, Sierra Leone. During her talk she profiled the impact of Southern Eye Clinic, a charity eye clinic in Serabu, Sierra Leone operated by Dr. Schanzer, as well as some of the unusual pathology that has been encountered during her twenty-five years of mission work in Sierra Leone. At the end of her presentation, Dr. Schanzer was honored with an “Outstanding Achievement and Appreciation Award” from The National Eye Program and The Health Ministry of Sierra Leone. Pictured above with Dr. Schanzer are Dr. Matthew Vandy, Secretary of Health, and Dr. Lloyd Williams, National Eye Program Director, presenting their award to Dr. Schanzer. 

During her time in Sierra Leone, Dr. Schanzer has performed over 10,000 eye surgeries, supervised the care and treatment of over 150,000 patients and funded multiple community develop programs through Southern Eye Institute, a 501C3 charity organization led by Dr. Schanzer. The mission of SEI is the improve the quality of life for underserved people through eye care services and community programs. SEI programs in Serabu include developing and operating ten water wells, providing 1.5 million meals, 2,128 education scholarships for students from preschool to medical school, a 20-station computer center, teacher stipends and classroom support for all five Serabu schools, numerous cultural events, organized sports activities including an annual regional soccer tournament, and faith sharing activities with Christian and Muslim congregations. For more information, www.serabu.com.