Pilgrimage to Lourdes in Three Parts

May 1-8, 2024

 Part 3 of 3:

 Our favorite joy of Lourdes are its people, beginning with Mother Mary and Bernadette and all their skeptics turned believers, and continuing with those on this Pilgrimage: malades resting their ills in the wonder of Jesus Christ, companions putting on hold the fading of their precious love; the caretakers joining this trek as a single person, a married couple, a parent and child, priests, nurses, doctors and volunteers; all of us blending into the waters of Lourdes, the Church of Jesus Christ, the love of Mary.

 Cathy began this Pilgrimage with an “Uncertain Beginning” (part 1). She follows up her Pilgrimage with more uncertainty. A radiologist’s opinion of yesterday’s MRI offers some hints of a recurring tumor, perhaps blood flow issues, perhaps other glio-issues. If this is the end of stable conditions and the beginning of an alternative path to Heaven, there could not have been a better launch pad. Her doctors are studying the results and will soon express their opinions. We reflect back to Bernadette who told her nay-sayers, it is my responsibility to deliver the message, not to make you believe. As for Cathy and I, we believe. Thank you, Lord, for all our amazing blessings of this Pilgrimage and the people we met along the way.