Medical Update

Our flight home departs today at 2 pm EST. Cathy continues her low dose Chemo without nausea. However, it’s hard to know about fatigue. It took nine hours of horrible roads, blocked roads, and alternative roads to finally get back to Serabu after Archbishop Ganda’s funeral mass in Kenema. And then it took a few days of rest to recover from that ordeal. We arrived to the Lunge Airport area a day early to extend our rest time another day before beginning the long journey home. Cathy is feeling good this morning. Amen

Life Update

During our drive to Lunge Airport, we stopped for fuel and a short visit with our dear friend Abu. He is blind and visited us in Pennsylvania last month. This time he traveled with his son for an hour to catch us on the main highway. If you look closely at the shirt he is wearing, you will see a picture of us celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary. This is a good example of how much we feel loved in Sierra Leone. It’s a little slice of heaven for us. We will miss our African family very much. Please God, take good care of them.

Abu in Taiama