Medical Update

Cathy’s platelet count increased above the desired minimum level, allowing her to begin her next round of chemotherapy. It’s bittersweet since she feels better without chemo but is depending on chemo to help fight her cancer. This round of chemo is at a much lower unit dose so hopefully the side effects will be minimal. After a few days of this lower dose chemo, the side effects are indeed minimal. That’s a good start!

Life Update

We arrived in Serabu, Sierra Leone last night, in anticipation of Archbishop Joseph Ganda’s funeral services. This coming week will be filled with a procession of prayer services held in various Sierra Leone communities including Serabu, culminating at the end of the week with his funeral mass and burial at the Cathedral in Kenema, his first diocese as bishop. Archbishop Ganda was our inspiration and spiritual leader for developing our mission campaign in Serabu. We so miss our dear friend. Rest In Peace Uncle Bishop.

2005: Archbishop Ganda to Cathy & Tom:

“If you have faith, there will be an eye clinic in Serabu.”

Southern Eye Clinic of Serabu opened January 7, 2006.