Medical Update

Cathy’s latest MRI was stable with slight improvement around the surgery site. Another “good news” report, but her doctors are very concerned about her excessive fatigue, so they are recalculating and restructuring her dosing protocol to a lower level. Cathy will know more specifics later this week and she is very relieved that her extreme fatigue is being addressed. While her cognitive and neuro testing results are all excellent, her high-dose chemo regiment was slamming her into an exhaustion wall. Her next rendezvous with chemo meds begins on Tuesday. Hopefully this encounter will be much better on her fatigue factor and just as effective with dating Captain Glio.

Life Update

Cathy will receive the “Catholic Doctor of the Year Award” on October 22nd in Los Angelas California. This was confirmed earlier this week during a phone call with the Executive Director of the Mission Doctors Association. This award will be presented by the Bishop of Los Angelas at a special afternoon Cathedral Mass and followed by a reception where Cathy will offer a short presentation about her mission work and her current medical journey. Cathy’s caring smile continues to impact the lives of needy people around the world. The picture below was taken just a few weeks before her brain cancer diagnosis.

That Caring Smile!!!