Medical Update

Cathy’s most recent MRI is a little iffy. IF the glioblastoma is recurring, the MRI evidence is very subtle. We will be at the Duke Brain Cancer Center in a couple of days to find out how they view things. In the meantime, Cathy is feeling pretty good.

Life Update

Our road trip began in Elizabethtown, North Carolina with a sweet dinner and breakfast visit with Dr. Mollie Glenn and her husband Rich. Mollie is an outstanding optometrist who finished her training and worked with Cathy twenty years ago. Seventy miles down the highway led us to Pinehurst NC, site of golfing’s 2024 US Open. But even more important, it’s the home of Dr. Anna Fakadej who last night hosted a fun-filled food, drink, & dance birthday celebration for the benefit of Southern Eye Institute. Beautifully she shared a celebration of her life with the lives of some very needy people in Serabu. Anna joined our mission team in January 2023 and plans to return in January 2024. She is a kind soul and a gifted surgeon who loves to dance.

Cathy & Mollie

Anna & Cathy