Medical Update

This was another week of occasional nausea, headaches, and other moments of disruption. The questions remain: How much of this is glio and/or how much of this is chemo? Her next MRI is scheduled for December 5th at the Duke Brain Cancer Center. Her faith, courage and smiles remain the dominant features of her daily living.

Life Update

On Tuesday we began a road trip to Memphis. Along the way, we attended a Simon & Garfunkel Tribute concert, visited our son in Knoxville and a friend in Nashville. Today we completed three days of prayer and heart-to-heart connections with Jesus Christ our Savior, at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Retreat Center near Dancyville TN. This retreat was organized by the Order of Malta, Memphis Region, which Cathy helped establish 16+ years ago. Blessings abound!!! By tonight we will be in Memphis where we anticipate a week of precious time with family and friends.

PS We will be in Memphis for Thanksgiving with our family. Our oldest daughter, Robyn and her husband Jim, are hosting this grand event. On Saturday, November 25th we will be attending 8 AM Mass at Holy Spirit Catholic Church (2300 Hickory Crest Drive) followed by “Hugs and Hello” in the conference room next to the Narthex. Then we will head to Nashville to attend 5 PM Mass at St. Philip Catholic Church (in Franklin) for more hugs. We hope to see you along the way.