Medical Update

It was a nice, boring week of no radiation treatments and no chemotherapy. Cathy is visibly gaining strength as I have had a few Déjà vu moments trying to keep up with her. The occasional visits from Mr. Nausea and Brother Headache are still around but manageable. The anticipations of this week are a good distraction.

Life Update

Tomorrow, we depart for Philadelphia, the home of Wills Eye Hospital, where Cathy will present her lifetime mission story on Wednesday afternoon. Her three-hour talk will be live-streamed if you are interested in seeing it. I will publish the streaming address on this website as soon as we receive it. Following our return home, we will pack up and depart for Africa Friday morning, expecting to arrive at Serabu on Sunday afternoon. I will continue my updates from Serabu although the schedule may vary a little. We are very excited that Cathy feels up to these trips. Six students, two surgeons from Wills Eye Hospital and our dear friend, Sam Pieh, are joining us on this trek. We will return home on July 3rd.