Medical Update

The constant reminder of Cathy’s condition is the battle with fatigue and nausea. We arrived safely to Serabu, our mission village in Sierra Leone. But it has taken a few days for Cathy to catch up on her rest and feel strong enough to treat patients. On Thursday she performed a couple of cataract surgeries and helped in the clinic. Our patient volume is less because people are staying home to vote in next week’s election, so the other surgeons are easily handling the patient care activities. Thankfully Cathy has no pressure to perform on this trip.

Life Update

We arrived in Serabu on Sunday and immediately joined the church services where we were greeted with enthusiastic cheering, applause and singing. Our African friends were especially excited to see Cathy. On Friday, June 16th, we celebrated our 44th Wedding Anniversary at a beautiful 10 am mass, complete with our wonderful choir, special blessings and several sweet “Thank-You”s from people and organizations who have benefited from our ministries. This was also the last planned event of Cathy’s Journey Home which began in March. Is this a new beginning or near the end of our work together in Serabu? Only God knows! We leave it with Him and pray for the courage and strength to know and love His will. Regardless, we feel immeasurably blessed to be back in Serabu with our African family and to have served the people of Africa for the last 35 years. Amen. Alleluia. 

 44th Anniversary