Medical Update

Cathy continues to gain strength and stamina. Short walks and light exercise are now part of her daily routine. She will be put to the test again this week as she begins her third round of chemotherapy on Tuesday. These chemo-cycles will likely continue for the next year. Each cycle includes five days of dosing and 23 days of endurance while various lab tests monitor her health indicators. There remains plenty to pray for as she anticipates this pattern of care for the next few months.  

Life Update

It has been over five months since this health threat began. Finally, this week Cathy was able to resume her familiar schedule of daily mass and daily work. Although her work schedule is limited, she put on her white coat and returned to her patients in both the clinic and in the operating room. She is taking it slow and deliberate. Her employer is assisting her, supporting her, and monitoring her. She has received so many prayers and so much encouragement from people around the world. To Guthrie and to her prayer partners, she says “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”.