Medical Update

Cathy’s potential miracle is gathering momentum. This week began at the Duke University Brain Cancer Center. After learning about their impressive network of international resources, some extensive neurological testing, and some fine tuning of her treatment plan, they confirmed the exceptionally good results of Cathy’s July 5th cancer-free MRI. In many ways, this battle has just begun with a year of more treatments still to come. But the last 10 days have been extra positive, allowing for more metal tolerance of the unpredictable fatigue and nausea. The 3rd cycle of Chemo begins on July 25th, which will be 5 days of pill-taking and 23 days of flushing “it” out of her system. After #3, only 10 more chemo cycles to go.

Life Update

Cathy’s surgical wound has finally healed. Today is the first day in four months that she is not wearing a wound bandage. This morning at 11 am Mass in Epiphany Church in Sayre PA, Cathy was the Eucharistic Minister, and I was Lecturer. We were accompanied by my sister, Kathleen, and by Pat and Barb Caesar, dear friends from Memphis. Pat and Barb petitioned for this Mass to include a special intention prayer for Cathy. They also brought the Bread and Wine Offertory Gifts to the altar. After Mass, surrounded by family and friends, Cathy received a special blessing from Fr. Jerry. God is good all the time, and all the time . . .