Cathy was concerned that her hearing had declined a bit in her right ear and she was right. A hearing test and examination this week discovered a damaged eustachian tube, most likely from the radiation treatments, resulting in fluid buildup behind her eardrum. In addition to a significant loss of hearing, this condition is thought to be intensifying her nausea, headaches, and balance issues. The fix is easy by a simple in-office ear-tube-insertion procedure. But the waiting list is long in our community so she will have to wait until May to get this easy relief.

This week we also took one of our “about a hundred miles away” trips, this time heading south to Jim Thorpe, PA. The architecture is so beautiful in this sweet community, that honored a great athlete with a name change and burial in 1954. During our two-day trek, we enjoyed Mass and Stations of the Cross at St Joseph Catholic Church, snow tubing at Blue Mountain ski resort, an evening comedy show at The Opera House, a scenic train ride into the Lehigh Gorge, and some delicious local cuisine. What a beautiful world God has created and how blessed we are to experience it. Amen