Medical Update

Cathy’s visit to Duke Brain Cancer Center was very positive. “Your MRI looks great” commented the doctor. And by our observation, it was the best looking one since this cancer business began. The doctor re-explained that Cathy’s cancer is methylated, which means it is more vulnerable to Cathy’s particular chemo medicine, more so than any vaccine, immune therapy, or any alternative chemo medicine. Therefore, the recommendation is six more months of the same chemo medicine, hoping that the effectiveness of her chemo medicine is worth the burden of its side effects. So, the random episodes of fatigue, nausea, confusion, and imbalance will continue for now. Cathy and her doctors will review this chemo decision every two months. Her next Duke MRI and doctor consultation is scheduled for February 14/15, 2024.

Life Update

We returned home from Duke Wednesday evening and woke up the next morning to a beautiful snowfall. We love our winter wonderland!!! Saturday evening Cathy was the Eucharist Minister at Mass. She gives out Communion with such joy and love. And of course, we are so blessed and have so many reasons to shout, “Thank you Jesus!!!” Given her good results at Duke, we have decided to return to Serabu in January. Her doctors are giving her plenty of precautions and just-in-case medicines. There will be four other surgeons on the mission team, so Cathy feels no pressure to push herself in the operating theatre or in the clinic. All of your prayers and all of your love are paying major dividends. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With love and appreciation, Cathy & Tom