Medical Update

Cathy is nearly halfway through her first radiation therapy schedule. May 24th will be her last day of extra glowing. Chemotherapy (one pill a day) will continue for the foreseeable future. Also, since April 14th she has been taking synthetic CBD oil, once every hour for twelve hours a day. Hopefully that will increase the effectiveness of her chemotherapy. We are traveling to Duke in July to check this out further. In the meantime, her side effects continue to remain mild and manageable. Some hair loss is creeping into her awareness, but all in all, Cathy remains in a good place.

Life Update

Cathy is getting a little cabin fever, so this week she is returning to her patients on a limited, clinic-only-schedule until we depart for Serabu in early June. I know they will be very happy to see her and I’m positive she will be thrilled to be back to her vocation. Guthrie Medical Group is supporting Cathy every step on the way. She is so blessed to be part of this medical community. This morning we served Holy Communion to all Catholic patients at the hospital. Some said no thank you but those who received communion were so appreciative. Should Cathy ever return to the hospital as a patient, this will be another way we are blessed. Prayers from around the world continue to poor in. Thank you, thank you.

Dr. Cathy in Serabu. Next mission team departs June 9, 2023