Medical Update

This first full week of all-treatment modalities has been a good week. The painful riddles of last week’s side-effects have been solved and well managed this week. Cathy’s health care team is kind and responsive. Another medication was added to promote sleep and that has also helped. Prior to any tumor reoccurrence, this weird disease can allow Cathy a reasonable quality of life. Anyone meeting her without knowledge of her condition may not realize what she is enduring. On Thursday, Cathy passed an occupational health exam which, for now, relieves her of any medical restrictions. She is even considering returning to work.

Life Update

We presented our mission work to an appreciative group of about 60 people at a remarkable Presbyterian Church in Waverly, NY. Cathy also talked about her diagnosis and the impact it is having on her spiritual life. The gratitude and support from those attending was remarkable. Yesterday, Epiphany Church hosted the next gathering of Cathy’s Journey Home. The Mass, Rosary and Cathy’s talk were all live-streamed, and a beautiful reception followed in the Church Hall. Our home church is so gracious, loving and nurturing. Included among the attendees was the Colleen LeCompte Cochran (Hitchcock TX origin) family from Williamsport PA and Ralph & Jody Jensen (Memphis Holy Spirit origin) who drove over from Boston. Last night we gathered with friends and neighbors, including a visit by Dr. Santi Karnam (January ‘23 mission team member) and his very sweet parents, who live about three hours south of us. Last week Dr. Anna Fakadej and Tim Raby (January ’23 mission team members) came for a visit from North Carolina. We are blessed with so many incredible friends. Praise God. Our last Cathy’s Journey Home gathering is scheduled for Serabu, Sierra Leone on June 16th. By God’s grace we will be there.

Cathy with Colleen, Caleb and rest of the Cochran family

Tom’s latest Dad Joke.

Where do pirates get their hook?

At the second hand store.