Medical Update

Cathy is a week away from finishing her first round of treatments. By May 22 nd she
will have had 30 radiation treats, 40 chemo doses and 460 CBD doses. Hopefully
it’s all doing some good. Externally it is costing her half her hair, creating a
cumulative energy and provoking sour taste buds from the oil absorption. But she
is such a trooper. Now entering her third week of limited schedule patient care
activities, she seems to inspire all she encounters.

Life Update

The outpouring of love and prayer from our friends has been the most inspiring
for us. Everyday we receive calls, texts, emails, letters, prayer cards, update
messages and various other communications from people praying for Cathy,
asking others to pray for her and petitioning religious organizations around the
world to include Cathy in daily masses and special petition prayers. We also have
a stream of loving visitors. Yesterday a couple of my college buddies showed up.
When Cathy married me, she got three admirers for the price of one. In their own
way, Michael and Tom also love Cathy. That’s them with Cathy in this week’s
photo. To all our friends, with their incredible support and words of
encouragement, we say “THANK YOU !!!”