Medical Update

We have traveled to our mission clinic in Serabu, Sierra Leone. We now have a first-hand understanding of why we usually do not come here during this, the rainy season. It rains very often and very heavy. The back roads to our village are almost impassable and it takes twice as long to navigate the endless paths of potholes. Between her new chemo regiment and thousands of road bounces, Cathy’s body is hurting a bit. But her faith and determination keep her moving forward. She received another special healing blessing during Mass this morning.

Life Update

The prayer services for Archbishop Joseph Ganda were contained in a cross-country procession of eight masses in five days and four cities. Six Bishops, 200+ Priests, the President of Sierra Leone, along with many thousands of people participated in this joyful celebration of life, faith, and love. Our most tender moment occurred in Serabu where the Ganda-Momoh family asked us to offer the family tribute during Mass. We recalled four of our favorite memories of Archbishop Ganda and helped register a few laughs and a few tears. The final stop was St. Paul’s Cathedral in the town of Kenema where his funeral Mass and burial inside the church took place during a marvelous four-hour service. Mom and Dad, please give Archbishop Ganda a heavenly hug for us.

At the Funeral Mass :  Special Blessing for Cathy  : Five Bishops Pray Goodbye