Medical Update

Cathy continues to wait for her platelet count to increase above the desired minimum level before she can begin her next round of chemotherapy. On Friday her measurements were very close to that minimum, so she expects to begin her chemotherapy in a few days. In the meantime, she has been exercising, walking more, and sharing her chemo-free days with dear friends in western Pennsylvania.

Life Update

This week we enjoyed another visit with Fr. Anthony (mentioned in last week’s update), but this time we drove to Erie PA to visit him and his lovely family. We met his sister’s family and his parents. No wonder he is such a great priest with all the love and support he receives from his great family. From Erie we traveled south to Pittsburg to visit a couple we have known since Cathy’s medical training days. Cathy and Isabella were interns together and we joined Isabella and Doug on their fun-filled honeymoon, many moons ago. The last few days have been joyful.

Isabella and Cathy