Medical Update

According to Duke Doctors, Cathy’s most recent MRI looks good, and Cathy is feeling the best she has felt in months. However, to coin a phrase from Star Trek, she is moving into the Glio Nebula. Now in her 9th month of glio business, she is at a point in time, when by now, half of all glio patients have had a recurrence of their cancer tumor. The next few months are critical as we wait and see if the bad stuff stays in its nebula, away from Cathy.

Life Update

We just got home from our road trip. That’s why this update is a little later than usual. After Cathy’s visit at Duke, we headed south to Charleston SC to attend the wedding of Thomas Momoh and Nikia McFadden. Thomas is the son of our good friends from Serabu, Peter and Margaret Momoh. It was a very special and fun marriage celebration. While in Charleston we also had a visit with Dr. Eliza Barnwell and her husband. Dr. Eliza was part of the mission team to Serabu in June 2022. From Charleston we traveled to North Myrtle Beach, home of Mark and Dru Burke. We have been friends with them for many years, and they continue to be strong supporters of our mission work.

Somewhere during our road trip, Cathy received two priestly blessings for her sickness and one morning, at a remote church for morning mass, we rediscovered Our Lady of Good Health Velankanni. We visited the actual Velankanni shrine in India years ago with Fr. Mathew Panackachira, now Pastor of Memphis’ Holy Spirit Catholic Church. We are praying Her nine-day novena for Cathy. Next week we head to LA for Cathy to honored as Catholic Doctor of the Year by the Mission Doctors Association. What nebula?

Cathy and Our Lady of Good Health Velankanni