Medical Update

No changes in Cathy’s health. Her next MRI is scheduled for December 5th at the Duke Brain Cancer Center. Faith and hugs were center stage this week.

Life Update

We trekked into Memphis Sunday evening. Julie & Keith let us have their home for the week and they greeted us with a sumptuous dinner, accompanied by a few dear friends. Hugs and prayers continued throughout the week as we visited family and friends. Thanksgiving Day was filled with the extra special love of our kids and grandkids, who collaborated at our oldest daughter’s home on a magnificent meal and then encircled Cathy with a tearful/joyful family prayer. We attended mass at St. Louis Catholic Church, St. Michael Catholic Church, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, and sang last night with John Angotti and friends at St Philip Catholic Church in Franklin TN. What a beautiful week!!!! Thanks to all our huggers and prayer warriors. We love you.

Thanksgiving Day 2023

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