Medical Update

It’s been a mixed bag of health activities this week. On the positive side, radiation treatments are finished, and Cathy gets a 30-day vacation from daily chemotherapy. Yippie Skippie!!!  On Tuesday she rang the “Completed My Radiation” bell on her way out of the clinic. However, she was told it will take another week before the fatigue factor from radiation begins to dissipate. The occasional nausea and headache spells also continue to visit. Overall, Cathy is fighting the good fight and I am seeing some bursts of energy in her that I have not witnessed in a while.

Living Update

Cathy is spending most of her free time preparing for a lecture she is giving at Wills Eye Hospital on June 7th. She will present various aspects of her 37 years of missionary experience during a three-hour presentation. She is the honorary visiting professor at the David Paton Lectureship in Academic Global Ophthalmology, an annual conference organized by the Global Ophthalmology department of Wills Eye Hospital. Eye surgeons from their program have been part of our mission teams since 2017. Cathy has narrowed her presentation down to 246 slides which I find rather amazing.