Cathy’s Doctor team is attending to other needs as she continues her chemo treatments and related side effects, for a few more months. Last week a physical therapist began to assess her balance, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Her assessment will continue this week, ultimately leading to an exercise and activity plan. We are so nervous about Cathy falling that her steps are small, and my escort is standard on stairs and uneven walkways. Mostly it’s a great excuse to hold hands and that’s wonderful.

This season of Lent is an extra special time to examine our relationship with Christ. Our home parish, Epiphany Catholic Church hosts numerous opportunities for daily Mass, Stations of the Cross, special lectures and prayer services, Eucharistic Adoration, Sacrament of Reconciliation, evening Vespers and of course, Friday fish dinner offered by the Knights of Columbus. On Wednesday evening we attended a talk on hospice care. I whispered a couple of thoughts to Cathy, and she looked at me confused. It took a few minutes, but we had a good laugh when we realized I was whispering into her bad ear. On Thursday we had a sweet date that began with morning mass at Mount Saviour Benedictine Monastery, located atop a mountain about 30 miles west of our home. After Mass we lit a candle to Mother Mary, followed by a nice lunch and a matinee movie – The Chosen, which we greatly enjoyed. Last night, Cathy was escorted by a young altar boy named Mathew to joyfully serve as a Eucharistic Minister. She received loving hugs after Mass. Thank you, God.