Macy’s Parade

 This week, Cathy surpassed the one-year anniversary of her glio-diagnosis. Each day that we are together is such a blessing. Her daily chemotherapy and twice-a-week physical therapy is now accompanied by twice-a-week occupational therapy, with emphasis on hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. All of Cathy’s treatments are hospital based, just 5 minutes from home, with free parking and no traffic.  How easy is that!!! Chemo is expected to last through June. PT is already helping her sense of balance and her overall strength. OT has all kinds of cool gadgets to improve various aspects of daily living. By God’s grace, Cathy is getting great support.

This week we were blessed by the young and beautiful Dr. Macy Rupprecht, with her sweet visit during some gorgeous springtime weather. We took her on a favorite cruise around the Finger Lakes region of New York, enjoying some magnificent waterfalls, stunning lake views, and tasty cuisine. Macy joined us in Serabu a few years ago and we have been loving friends ever since. She is a gentle soul with a devoted heart for mission work and a strong faith-walk with Christ.