The Story of 3:13, 3:15, and 3:16

This week, Cathy will observe that it has been one year since her cancer surgery (3-13-23) and one year since her glioblastoma diagnosis (3-15-23). Statistically, it’s a concerning time as 75% of people with her diagnosis die within 12 months and 95% die within 22 months of their diagnosis. Nonetheless, it’s full steam ahead with chemotherapy, physical therapy, and get-that-right-ear-fixed therapy. Chemo likely will last through June, and hopefully it will be doing some additional good. PT is helping her sense of balance and her overall strength. Getting the fluid from behind her right ear drum should help with her balance and nausea, but she will have to wait until May for that enhancement. Heavenly Father, we accept “Thy will be done” and we cherish the Gospel reminder at Mass today of how much you love us (John 3:16). Thank you for the tremendous blessings of our lives.