Medical Update

Perhaps God is manufacturing a miracle for Cathy. He is at least off to a good start. A reading of her recent MRI describes changes since her last MRI, which for this reading was four months ago. Her latest report officially reads “Interval Improvement” which her doctors deem to be unusually good. “Interval Stable” was the hope, if not the  expectation, after all of her initial treatment. “Great” and “phenomenal” are other doctor words that have been used to describe her results. Of course, that is looking at her cancer free appearance on a macro level. This war is fought on a microscopic battlefield, against an aggressive disease that has a reputation of crashing good news. Nonetheless, today we say “Thank You God” for this moment of relief. The war is far from over but tonight we will sleep pretty good. Tomorrow we visit the Duke Brain Tumor Center. Cathy’s third round of chemo begins on July 25 and her next MRI is in two months. Viva Cristo Rey!


Life Update


Fatigue and headaches are still Cathy’s occasional companions. But they come around less often with less intensity. Cathy will consider limited clinical and surgical schedules by the end of July. She had a battery of eye tests last week to check her vision. Severe dry eyes from her radiation therapy are challenging her sharpest vision and they are undergoing some nurturing therapy. The Guthrie Medical Group has been supportive of Cathy every day. Prayers continue to storm heaven from around the world. We are so blessed. God is so good. 

Back in Serabu, just before we departed home, our staff unveiled an outdoor portrait of us walking to the clinic. How sweet they are!!!