Medical Update

Week two of chemo-cycle 3 was much more pleasant since it was a chemo-medicine-free week. Of course, the treatments from week one will continue to linger while they fight the molecular-glio-war, but Cathy feels a lot better during this week’s battle. Fatigue is a chronic underlying condition that peaks out occasionally, but overall, Cathy had a better week.    

Life Update

Yesterday was a mission reunion day with some of our Serabu buddies. Abubakarr Kamara is part of our Special Needs Ministries. Abu is blind and is in the USA representing Sierra Leone at an International Special Needs Resources Conference. He is spending a few days with us before heading back home. The three of us traveled 30 miles North to visit Carolyn “Sunshine” Chadwick, who was a mission volunteer the summer before her senior year in high school. She has been constructing stage scenes at the Hanger Community Theater in Ithaca NY this summer. We saw the fruits of her work at a delightful children’s musical production of “Shrek”. She heads back to Texas next week. Together we are pictured in front of the beautiful Ithaca Waterfalls.

Tom, Abu, Cathy, & Sunshine