Medical Update

This has been a challenging week. The side effects of the current higher dose chemotherapy are weighing in with stronger and longer bouts of fatigue, such that Cathy has had to restrict most of her activities of daily living. Hopefully she will discover a better daily routine that minimizes the exhaustion factor. On Friday she had an update MRI. We should understand the results of this latest MRI by the time we complete her next visit to the Duke Brain Cancer Center later this week. The next cycle of chemotherapy begins in nine days.

Life Update

It has been a double-whammy week because earlier this week, our dear friend, Archbishop Joseph Ganda died. He had been in a coma since early summer. We visited him in a Freetown hospital before returning from our last mission trip. He slightly opened his eyes as we prayed for him, talked to him, stroked his hair, and held his hand. We sensed that he was resting peacefully and with bittersweet joy, we told him how much we loved him and we said goodbye. Archbishop Ganda’s invitation in 2005 led to the development of Southern Eye Clinic in Serabu, which is now in its eighteenth year of charity service to very needy people. How Archbishop Ganda loved his flock!

Tom, Abu, Cathy, & Sunshine