Medical Update

Cathy has enjoyed a month of living without radiation treatments or chemotherapy pills. Each day the headaches and nausea have been less while her strength has steadily increased. In a few days she begins her next round of chemo, this time at a higher dose, but for only five days. And no radiation!!! We will see how it goes. In the meantime, Cathy has performed twenty-three surgeries and plans to do a few more this week.

Life Update

Serabu has been a very loving and prayerful embrace of their dear Dr. Cathy. Yesterday an elderly woman walked from a neighbor village to thank Cathy for her eyesight and all the good work Cathy has done in Serabu. It was one of many such sweet moments since we arrived in Serabu. On Friday we were invited to the Mosque where Muslims prayed for Cathy and the mission team. Their prayers encouraged Cathy to be at peace and to rest in the comfort of God’s will. They also prayed a special a plea to God for Cathy’s return to good health and many more returns to Serabu. This trek will soon be over. On Friday we will depart Serabu and begin our way home. Back home, more tests and treatments are waiting for Cathy’s return. But today is a beautiful day to praise God and enjoy the love of Serabu.

Cathy & Angela

In the Mosque